Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Vacation is almost over

and it's snowing outside!  It's also FREEZING COLD!!!  I was sad that it had already started snowing when I went to return Turbo to the Redbox.  The windows look really cool though!  It almost looks like a mini snow scene with the snow blowing onto our windows!
Anyway, on to what we were up to this week!
We all went to my appointment and found out that we're having a BOY!!!  Samuel Parker is coming!
We ended the year with everyone sleeping, but me.  I read a book until one in the morning, and woke my husband up for a minute to tell him Happy New Year.  Same old, same old.  We spent all week playing games, cleaning, doing LOTS of laundry, organizing, decluttering...  The things that I have a hard time doing when I'm working from 7:30-5:05.  The kids had a great time celebrating the new year and they especially liked black eyed peas with sausage!  Yum!  I felt bad that I had forgot the cornbread, but everyone was pretty happy!  Then it was Cecilia's third birthday, her Golden Birthday!  I felt bad, because Golden Birthdays are supposed to be big, and the coolest thing she got to do was go and help me pick some groceries!  She wanted mac and cheese for her birthday dinner!  What a great kid!  She was thrilled with her homemade cake and watching Turbo on our free tv on the living room floor!  She slept through our first time watching it, so we watched it again after the cake and ice cream.  Cecilia shared her candy so sweetly!  Josh refused to go to bed until the movie was over, so he went to bed kinda late!  Cecilia said it was the best birthday ever and that I am the best mom!  High praise from a three-year-old!  The girls worked hard to decorate with the Frozen theme, so they made snowflakes and taped them up all over the room and even made an Olaf game, where you pin the branches on Olaf.  Cecilia loves all of her presents!  She is still working on her huge lollipop that I gave her!  Our kids are so fun and for the most part they are great together!  You can tell they love each other!  We're still working on the working together!  But, if you turn on Kid Snippets, Studio C, or Frozen anything, they'll come from wherever they're at in the house to come look!  I love my kids!, but I'm also excited to see how my Kindergartners did over the two-week break!

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