Sunday, February 2, 2014

Here's hoping we're buying a house

Yesterday was devoted to looking at houses.  We had a group of 5 houses that we've researched and looked at all the pros and cons on and were ready to see!  We saw 3 of them, because the other two were already contracted on.  They were our favorite too.  The first house was the cheapest and right across from an Elementary School!  But, it felt like a mobile home on a foundation, and I really didn't like it.  I knew I'd have to fix a ton!  Then we saw one in the next town and it was way more expensive and the kids couldn't stand the smell (it was super cluttered too)!  There was a cat and dogs there.  Then we went to the next one and the people were home.  One was hanging out on her bed watching tv, the two boys were shirtless (which made all of us girls uncomfortable), and the backyard was tiny.  Nope.  So, we went home and I decided to search again, just to see if something new popped up, and it DID!!!  Somehow we haven't seen this house on the market, and it's perfect!  It's in our price range, has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a storm shelter, a two car garage with huge space (like a whole workshop), a well, 5.2 acres, and is still "in town."  Down 2 dirt roads.  There's a little community back there with tons of land.  We got out of our van and the kids all went running in (it was freezing cold)!  They loved it!  They all are super excited about the huge yard!  They know their dad's plan and they're excited to help him!  I'm excited to have the space to add on, since we'll need to in the next few years!  We're going to work with the 3 rooms for now though!  Scott said I could have the back part of the garage for my craft/art/photography stuff (not my future camera though, or any paint).  He's already figuring out how he can get people to come out and mark where all the lines are that he can't hit when he starts to dig his Walipini.  He was all over getting this house and so were Ben and Kira:  "Let's buy this house!"  Kira kept asking our realtor:  "Can you save this house for us?"  By the time we had seen enough, and the kids got their coats off the coat hanger, it was getting dark and we went over to the realtor's office to put our bid in.  We're really hoping we get it!  I'm sure I'll post on here again if we do!  Then I'll put pictures on too!
In other news, we have the fever that goes around.  Cecilia had it for a day the week before last, then Leah had it on Friday.  Cecilia has it again today.  Poor kiddo!  She does fine while she's medicated, but as soon as it wears off...  So, Josh and I are going to hang out at home with her today and miss church.  We'll be watching church movies though!

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