Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow days

It's been a very full week!  We had school on Monday and then Tuesday the ice and snow came in!  We still had school, but school was early released at 1:30.  Due to the fact that I'm a Kindergartner teacher (and my Principal is amazing) I was able to leave at noon and go get my two older kiddos from school.  They were pretty surprised!  The roads were terrible at that point, so I was glad to get us all safely home!
We had a snow day on Wednesday, which was great for getting a ton of laundry done!  I got to spend time with my kiddos too!  Josh loves it when I'm home all day!
Then on Thursday was my super long day, due to Parent Teacher Conferences!  I got there at 7:15 in the morning and left at 8:45 at night!  Only half of the parents showed up (the roads are still terrible), and I didn't blame them!  It was snowing again too!  I went home on lunch, so Scott would have the car.  He tried to drive, but got stuck at the stop sign, so I got to drive instead.  Poor guy!  He tried so hard to push the van up that hill!  Our kiddos were super impressed with how strong their dad is!  He is pretty strong!  He was able to get something done before he dropped the kids off with me while he had an echo cardiogram and sonogram on his heart.  Sadly, I had 2 parents show up then.  So, I had all six kids plus 2 parents in there.  Craziness!  I had my kids spread out over the class, so that they weren't fighting (which worked great)!  I was able to get through the Conferences with little problem!  Those two were the only ones that showed up during the time I had my kids.  Phew!  I got a lot done in between conferences and had finished my lesson plans, made tons of copies, and reorganized part of my class!  My centers are much better now!  Since Scott teaches Spanish and sometimes English on Thursday night, I had to wait for him to come get me afterward.  I didn't mind having the extra time to rearrange kids' spots!
I only had one conference on Friday, plus Emma's Conference.  The first grade teacher told me how well she's doing in her class for that first hour!  Emma was able to solve something that the other kids couldn't!  Woohoo!  Emma was very proud of herself that day!  After conferences, we had a Just Dance workout in the gym.  It was awesome!  We all got our workout before we had shower treats for the other pregnant teacher at school!  She is so sweet, and I'm glad to have her to talk with about pregnancy things!  Then I got to go grocery shopping all by myself!  It was great!  I love half days, because my kids are so excited to see me early!  We went and signed the new contract for the house, but now need to get financing, which is more difficult!
On Saturday we got cleaning done and I got stuff up for sale.  We sold Ben's bells (that are just in the way now that he quit band)!  The lady that bought them was super excited, so was I!  Since the place we're trying to buy is super small, so we're going to have to downsize as much as possible!  The bedrooms are tiny!  I'm going to have to buy another set of bunk beds for the girls' room.  And a futon for Ben, so it can be a seating area when he's not sleeping.  His room will be part of the dining room (that is right next to the Living Room).  Either way, we'll see how things go.  Apparently it's hard to get a manufactured home mortgage.  So, either we go through a different lender or we find a different house.  Stink.  It could all turn out fantastic though!
The kids and I all went to church on the slick roads, but made it fine.  It's so pretty with everything covered in ice! The kids loved the scenery!  Kira especially likes the willow trees!  Scott had a sore throat this morning.  So, he had stayed home.  Nursery was a little crazy today, but we have some seriously cute kids in there!
I'm incredibly excited for you to see a couple of posts that are coming this week, since two of my friends have books either out or coming out!  I feel very blessed to have such amazing friends!
Now on to the picture dump!
 Scott and I on a particularly great hair day!
 My belly two (three?) weeks ago!
 With my lil' man
 The craziness before flu shots.  Those poor kiddos cried and cried!
 Reading scriptures together
 Her amazing block tower!
 Josh with his Elder look-a-like (and Dad)
 Josh loves things with wheels!
 Super Teacher on the 100th Day of School
 The house we're trying to get out on a 5 acre lot.
 They love the breakfast bar!
 They all fit in the Master shower (that I thought was tiny).
 Me and my snugglebug
 This was my belly last week!
 He wanted more blueberries!
 My kiddos when they finally earned their 100th CTR buck!  They could finally watch tv!
 Sweet sleeper
And wide awake!

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