Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day

We had beautiful snow that we were all thrilled to see melt!  It's been very nice outside for a few days!  I love seeing the sun again!  The kiddos were excited to play outside!  We worked very hard to prepare for Valentine's Day!  Ben made a shark valentine box (with a lot of help) and Kira made a locker Valentine box.  I just had to make 39 Valentines for my students plus some bows for Emma's teacher and my girls.  They turned out well though!  Phew!
It was a full moon plus Friday, so Valentine's Day was CRAZY!!!  I made eggs and bacon for my family for breakfast and then after Ben and Kira got on the bus, we all went to my school for the Parent Breakfast.  The kiddos loved the doughnuts and they got 2!  My Kindergartners were beyond excited, so we read a lot of books in order to keep the day going well!  I still did some of the same lesson activities, and then party!  My morning party went easier than my afternoon, since I have help in the morning!  By the time I was done, I was exhausted!  I felt like I had done a 5k with no rest!  I'm starting to come down with a cough too.  I only had to work a little after school, and usually I work a lot longer on Friday afternoons!  I got so many sweet Valentines from my students!  I got 2 roses, a fake rose bouquet with balloon and candy in a heart vase, 2 chocolate heart boxes, one chocolate rose, another silk rose, a cute little stuffy, a felt wallet that says I'm the best teacher, plus lots of little Valentines and candy!  My awesome husband had the kids pick out balloons for me, so I had 7 balloons in the corner of my class too!  He also got me some beautiful tulips and yellow mini roses!  I love flowers!  After dinner (Arby's), each kiddo got to pick a balloon, so they were very excited!  The girls loved their heart bows too!
Yesterday my cough was a little worse, but after praying super hard was able to get a ton done to get our house a little cleaner!  I love the smell of lemon when cleaning!
We're back in the waiting game for a house that's perfect for us.  Here's hoping we'll be able to get one before this little man joins our family.

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