Sunday, February 23, 2014

The sickness continues

I went in to work on Monday and everyone agreed that I needed to stay home, so I prepped and stayed home on Tuesday.  I know my family loved having me home!  I actually had energy, so I got a ton of laundry done and the boys' room clean!  Then my husband sent me out to do errands, which didn't turn out that great with multiple cough attacks.  I mostly cough when I go outside.
I went back to work the next day and as long as I keep cool and don't go outside, I do fine.  Not that it's an option.  My kiddos are getting used to my coughing.  Hopefully it won't last for a long time!  I feel fine, other than the random coughing, so I'm not complaining!
I got almost everything I need to make cloth diapers!  I can't wait!  I'm super excited to see how many I can make!  I even bought the stuff to make inserts!  I've been watching clearance and I have Samuel's little swing/bouncer and a pack n play (with the newborn sleeper and changing pad).  Now we just need sheets, more clothes, a car seat, a car that will fit all of us when he comes and the diapers made and we'll be ready!
Yesterday we reorganized the laundry room (well I did), and now everyone has their own basket!  It's oh-so-very-exciting!  While I was working on that, Josh was removing keys from the laptop, so if I misspell, it's due to the force I have to exert on the e and g!
My kids are growing like crazy!  My mom sent clothes for Josh, Ben, and Kira, and they were so excited!  Josh especially loves his new tricycle that she sent!  Cecilia loves it too!  Leah will even play on it!  We have had some very nice days lately, and the kids love playing outside as Scott works on getting the soil ready for his garden!  It's supposed to be cold again this next week though we have enjoyed the glimpse of Spring!

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