Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

I love Easter!  I love that it's in Spring, and that we're celebrating that Jesus lived again!  I could do without the whole Easter bunny thing though!  Instead we had an Egg Hunt yesterday, so they got their candy and were happy.  After church and my nap, I let them have their Easter candy-cotton candy, a white Reese's egg and a few mallowcremes.  It kinda makes me nauseous to see them eat all that candy, but they were happy campers!  We got some good pictures too!
 If you look really closely, you can see a bunny way behind the kiddos!
 Eating and swapping
 Yep, real life right here!
 All dressed up
 My boys
 Us girls
Me and my favorite Scott

It's been a very busy week!  I've been applying all over the Kansas City area, so we can move back.  I've put in 15 applications so far!  Not much sleep here.  My Kindergartners have been a little crazy, but I think that they'll be a lot better when they come back tomorrow after the three day break.  Easter is very exciting!  We loved having Friday off!  I was able to catch up on dishes and got a lot of laundry done (there's no catching up on laundry)!  Then on Saturday (yesterday) we got more cleaning done while Scott and Ben were at an all day Scout event!  Our Senior Missionary couple came and brought dinner.  So sweet!  Then I had my Jamberry party and one friend came!  It was fun just chatting and doing nails!  I had made eight rice bags to give out , so I still have six (for future parties).  Somehow this pregnancy has made me lactose intolerant. It's kinda miserable.  The good news is that I won't be eating any cheese, which is less fat.  I feel HUGE!!!  Like stretched as far as I can.  Skin is pretty amazing though, so we'll see how many stripes I have when I finally have this cute lil' baby!  Today we wore our matching skirts, and Scott wore his matching tie, but Josh and Ben wore their cute suits that matched.  I'm a little exhausted, but my long nap was fantastic!  My poor kiddos did a great job waiting for me to wake up, so they could have their candy!  This should be a fun week!  More applications, and hopefully some phone calls for interviews!

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