Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kira's awarded

It's been a long week!  I got signed up to sell Jamberry!  I'm super excited, because I love these nail wraps!  I'll be having a house party on Saturday, but the Facebook party has already started!
The kiddos started training for a 5K on April 26th.  It has been very entertaining!  On Thursday I had them run around the neighborhood and I rode my bike to stay with them!  I couldn't believe I could still get on and peddle my bike this late in my pregnancy!  Crazy!
Still no doctor available for my appointment, but Kira and I were able to get groceries before Activity Day girls.  We worked on our quilts.  Hard work!
Today was Kira's award ceremony!  She got first place for her art in her age group!  We're so proud!  She got a sketchbook and set of colored pencils!  She's already started working on a picture!
 She's so excited!
 And creative too!
 With her first place ribbon.
 The group of kids that won
 After snacks we got to check out the museum for free!
 They all took turns flying the plane!
 Most of them couldn't keep their eyes off of the "cool" planes!
 I had to take this picture for my dad!
 Then Ben posed for this one!
We will never forget 9/11!

We came home to Conference, which was great!  Then I spent most of the rest of the day cleaning the girls' room.  Even their closets and under their beds are clean now!  We rearranged the room too, so there is more space!  
I ordered pizza, because I was exhausted! We watched Jem for awhile.  The kids all love it!  Then I found out that my baby sister is officially engaged now!  Hurray!  They are getting married in August (last I heard)!  Another incentive to lose lots of weight after I have this big baby boy!

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