Monday, May 26, 2014

Incredibly Amazing Week

I just downloaded pictures from this past week and there were a ton!  Kindergarten graduation was on Monday and Emma graduated!

 With her teacher-Ms.Crosier

Field Day was Tuesday which was lots of fun too!  A few people made me sit down, because they were worried about me.  For good reason, since I started having contractions that night.  Scott had me go up to my class to pack up.  I stayed there till ten and got a ton done!  The contractions stopped for five(ish) hours and then started coming once an hour.  I was still able to sleep in between!
 Emma is in a sack race behind my kiddos

Emma on the bouncy slide

Wednesday was the last day of school and Movie Day!  We made a Father's Day craft and I thought I did a good job at not flinching during contractions!  I even did Just Dance Kids with my kids!  I wanted to encourage the contractions, because I had just received a phone call to set up an interview in Emporia!  That's on Tuesday!  So, I needed Samuel out asap, to give me some recovery time!  I knew my doctor's appointment was at 4, so I just went to see how things were going.  It took over an hour to see the doctor and my contractions were getting closer and ouchier.  He checked me and I was at a 4!  What?!?  Then I started making frantic phone calls!  I called Mom and left a message.  Then I called Mandy and Scott to let them know we needed to head to the hospital.  Scott got Shelby to watch our kiddos while I preregistered at the hospital and got all the kids an overnight bag packed.  We dropped them off with Shelby with profuse thanks and headed to the hospital!

We finished the registration and headed upstairs.  I was super excited that my nurse was a lady from church!  Woohoo!  She helped me out a ton!  I got an iv in and an epidural.  The doctor wouldn't break my water.  He wanted to sleep instead.  Mom, Mandy, Alexis and Kim headed down and got there at around one.  Kim helped out with kiddos.  Josh was having a hard time, so she picked him up.  I started pushing at two thirty (ish) in order to get the baby's head down and try and get my water to break.  It didn't work.  I was pushing for an hour.  Of course that was with some breaks, because I cheated and would keep breathing through two contractions without pushing.  The monitor wasn't working, so I was able to not tell them when I was having a contraction every time.  I know my limits, and knew I couldn't handle that much pushing.  The doctor finally came and broke my water.  Then I pushed for another hour until the neverending push came that finally got him out!  He was not a small baby!  He was born at 4:35am on May 22nd.  He was 8 pounds 15 ounces, and he was 20 and a half inches long!  And he was a week early!  Wow!  He ate pretty well and then got cleaned up.  I think he's adorable!

On Friday we left the hospital in the morning.  We got my prescription and the stuff we needed from Walmart.  Then we worked on my classroom!  We were finished by 12:30 and I turned in my classroom keys, signed a couple papers, and we went home.  We packed like crazy for the next day!  While in between we drove an hour to pick up the moving truck, to having the check engine light come on, shopping at Target, getting the oil changed and diagnostic codes printed.  Then we headed back the hour home to start packing the truck.  After all the boxes that were packed were loaded we saw there was no room for furniture, so no beds (other than Josh's and Samuel's), no dressers, no couches, and no table.  I packed the rest of my stuff that night and helped in Ben's room.  Then Elder Starkey cleaned behind packing!  So our house looked pretty amazing when we left!

We left at noon on Saturday and slowly made our way north.  We stopped every couple hours to feed Samuel and potty break.  We stopped at a park first, then gas, food and feeding.  Then we had an awesome rainbow and a huge rainstorm before our ice cream break/feeding.  We all got 2 scoops and Kira was the only one who ate all of hers, though Emma was close!  We finally made it and Scott had already had my family help him unload the truck into the storage spot!  So, we're all in Olathe!  Now to organize and put stuff where it can fit here!

Today we went to church with my family (after dropping off the Uhaul truck).  I only made it through Sacrament meeting.  Then Kim took me and Samuel to her house!  She fed me and played with Samuel while I napped.  Very nice!  I'm exhausted!  I think my body did what it had to do to get here and then just stopped.  I'm still super impressed!  It's amazing what a body can do!

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