Sunday, October 5, 2014

Great times

We had picture day and I was super excited to do my girls' hair, because I saw an awesome tutorial the night before!
We're enjoying time with family right now, which is great!  My brother and his family were up from Louisiana and are moving back at the end of this month.  We got to celebrate one of my niece's birthday at Chuck E Cheese's.  It's changed though, and I really don't like it.  They got rid of the awesome slide and "playground" that were free and replaced it with a tiny bumper cars place.  So now when your kids run out of tokens, there's nothing for them to do.  Bummer!  We won't be doing birthdays there anymore!  I was exhausted and had a headache when we left.  It's been fun spending time with family though!
We had a little girls' night out on Friday and watched the Maze Runner.  That was pretty good, a lot like the book (that I read a long time ago).  They changed the made up bad words in the book to real bad words.  Stink!  We came home to find the boys watching Transformers.  We've enjoyed listening to Conference!
I also had the opportunity to take pictures of a friend's family and new baby.  He's so sweet!  Fantastic family!

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