Sunday, March 1, 2015

Snow! Just a little bit.

We totally drove to my parents' house in order to play at their house.  They are awesome and have sleds and a fireplace and everything.  Good times!  We left a lot earlier than we usually do, but wanted to get home before the roads got slick.  We even filled up both cars for about $40 (Scott's wasn't very low on gas, but it sure sounds cooler).  I love that I keep building up points at Dillon's!

Samuel is up to five teeth now!  Three on top and two on bottom.  He's a crackup and was up playing with us at about 3 this morning.  (He slept before that of course)  He plays peek-a-boo like a champ!

Josh is such a sweetheart!  He can hear Samuel sniffle and he'll take off running to help him!  He really doesn't like sharing my lap though!

Cecilia feels that everything should be the way she wants it, always.  She has no problem sneakily putting food away.  Yesterday she ate most of the day and informed me that it was because there were so many things she wanted to eat!

Leah is very understanding and thinks I'm a professional at giving baths.  So funny!

Emma did great at her Grade Assembly on Honesty!  Her part was the longest!

Kira is an amazing helper and will do almost anything in order to get extra dessert!

Ben is signed up to go to his First Boy Scout Summer Camp.  It's going to be expensive!  Wow!  I'll know better for next year!

 I got to clean the Temple!  
 Yummy waffles
 Emma's Assembly
                                                        Josh holding our gecko.                                                 

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