Monday, March 9, 2015

Feelin' it

I'm feeling very loved.  Today could have been a miserable day, but we have awesome family!  We had a hard time getting everyone bathed and showered this morning, because the water wasn't getting hot.  We just figured we would check it out after church and left.  When we got home, we noticed it really smelled like gas in there.  Scott called the gas company and they told us to get everyone out of the house.  We all hung out in the backyard and a nice guy came and checked for leaks.  He found a huge one and was able to fix it, but he couldn't relight the pilot lights for both the furnace and the water heater, because there's inadequate ventilation in the little room they're in.  We would have no hot water or hot air.  Yikes.  My mom said come on down and we'll figure it out.  We came down and one of my sisters and her friend took the three oldest kids, my other sister took one kiddo and we took the three left with us to my mother-in-law's place (there's too much going on at my parents' place and with Dad just a couple days out of the hospital-he had a blood clot on his lung, I wasn't going to put them out in any way!).  We got everyone where they needed to go about nine, and I'm still awake.  What are we going to do if this doesn't get fixed fast?  I have no idea.  We're just speeding through the money we had.  So sad.
We did a lot this week!  Kira had her first band concert and right after was Leah and Emma's singing.  They all did a fantastic job!  Wednesday night we went to the hospital to see my Dad.  And yesterday we made three desserts for the dessert auction to earn money for Summer Camps (camp is $267 for Ben this year)!  That's a lot of money!  We paid for our spaghetti dinner and then there was the auction for desserts.  We couldn't afford any of them, but super nice people shared!  Our three desserts together made $140!  That's pretty good!  The girls went with me to McLouth for the Wonka night.  It was mostly over when we got there.  Bummer.  I got to take some pictures though and the kids were super excited to see me!  It's always nice when they're excited!
Busy week!  Lots of pictures and videos!  My kids are crack ups!
 Nutter butter loraxes
 Cat hat cookies that Kira and I made
 Thing 1, 2 and 3
 Helping build Body Venture.  Kira helped put the structures together and I helped put the coverings on.  Both were hard work!
 After that we headed up to the hospital.
 He was already feeling a lot better!
 Leah's special Bullpup day!
 Hanging out with her friends and watching them eat, since our pizza took FOREVER to cook!
 The pizza and cookies were still good!
 Ben's art
 More of Ben's art
 They love when mom's home.
 Emma's art
 Leah's bow that she wants me to make
 Samuel loved shopping with me!
 Hanging out during the gas scare
 The whole 5th grade band
 Kira's the first to come in and go out.

 The spaghetti fundraiser
 Wonka "night"

 He loves being outside!
Leah loves plants!

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