Sunday, April 19, 2015

Feeling led

A lot is going on in our lives and we're doing our best to make the best out of everything.  After Time out for Women, I've been doing a lot of thinking and I'm going to be working hard to find a job as a teacher, but I'm also going to work harder to be a better mom and person.  Part of that is following where I feel led.  I felt as though I needed to start a blog on ALS.  There is so much going on with my Dad and so much we don't know fast enough.  I want to give someone else the opportunity to have the help they need in a timelier manner and still keep it upbeat.  No matter what happens, it will be okay.  I may cry a lot, but it's okay!  I just barely put the first post on and it had twelve views.  Craziness!  I'm hoping that all of my family will contribute to it, so that others can really see what happens to the whole family!  Since we're all doing something to help, I thought it would be great!  If we help just one person to be okay with the craziness in their life, that would be fantastic!
I also feel led to work on the children's book ideas that I've been needing to do for awhile now.  We'll see how it goes.  Must. Get. Procrastination. Gene. Out. Of. My. Body.
In the meantime, we are so very blessed.  We got the mail on Monday and there was an envelope with money in it!  Someone loves us so much that they sent us money!  It was so sweet!  I was able to go see five of my 3rd Grade boys play baseball, because I could afford the gas!  I brought four of my kids with me and they had a blast.  I think they'll want to go again tomorrow.

Tuesday night I went to the Temple,  What a great place to find rest and peace in this crazy world!
 And there was tulips, my very favorite flower!
 Playing outside on this beautiful day!
 Hanging out with my family on Thursday night.
 I redid the backsplash with contact paper, which we'll see how it goes.
 He's so funny first thing in the morning!
 Rocking my shirt from Walgreen's that I got a lot of compliments on!  Thanks Mom!

My very first decorated Tea towel.  I'm pretty excited!

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