Sunday, April 5, 2015

Let the Sunshine in!

Once again Saturday is our makeup day for a hard work week!  I had the opportunity to administer the state tests for our third graders with the two other teachers.  It's hard work and I feel like I lost weight (which is always a good thing)!
So, yesterday we went to Home Depot and the kids made chalkboard planters.  Josh just wanted to paint.  Samuel fell asleep.  I think they did pretty well, although I helped A LOT!!!  It's been awhile since we have done that.  Then we picked flowers to put in the planters.  My kids picked some great ones!
We went to the park and took a lot of pictures.  Then we bought tacos and went to a storefront that I've been dying to take pictures at!  After that we headed home to watch Conference!  It's always great to learn what more we can do to become closer to Him!
We headed down to Olathe and went to the park to play and then shopped some to get what we needed for today.  I had not bought anything for Easter.  We were able to stay the night all separated.  The kids were pretty excited!
They did a little Easter Egg hunt here in between lunch and Conference.  I love spending time with family!

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