Sunday, April 26, 2015

Crazy busy

We took a little too much on yesterday, but muddled through.
It's been a great week all-in-all!  I got paid, plus two interviews set up (for tomorrow and Tuesday)!
Monday Kira and I ran further!
Tuesday, the school kids and I went for a run.  Then we went to see the spot where I was going to take pictures at and my kids dutifully posed.  I have some silly geese!
Wednesday Ben and Scott helped clean up Leavenworth!
Thursday Scott worked for his mom, so we drove into Olathe after school and didn't have time to run before my meeting.  Bummer!  After my meeting I picked up stuff at the Dollar Store to work on teacher and student end-of-year presents.  I'm super excited!  Then I picked up the kids and went over to see my family for a few minutes.  Dad's Stairclimber is in!  It's awesome!  I'm so excited!  We left pretty soon to head home.
Friday wasn't too bad, but I was exhausted all day.  Then I had to make Emma's friend's birthday presents, so I was up way too late.  My Cricut stinks!  It won't even cut vinyl and I put a brand new blade in!  Gggrrr!
Saturday I slept in, because we had nothing going on that morning, but the rest of the day was CRAZY!!!  I thought Scott wasn't going to take long doing grout, but I was super mistaken!  I dropped Emma and Leah off at a party and then headed back to town, got gas and snacks and the kids watched a movie and ate as I took Prom pictures.  They turned out fantastic!  Scott couldn't get away from the grout, so I picked the girls up an hour late.  :(  Yikes!  We headed into town and had dinner and celebrated Kim's birthday.  I love spending time with my family!  I'm super excited for my brother and his family to come in this week!  Then my Mamaw and aunt are going to be in this weekend!  Awesomeness!  Next Saturday is going to be pretty crazy too with all the Temple runs, a wedding reception for Scott's cousin, my sister's baby shower, and I'm pretty sure I'm making Leah skip her friend's party, because that would be too much.  As it is, we're probably going to divide and conquer!  I doubt the run is going to go well, since we haven't trained well at all.  I'm sure the kids' run will be great though!
 My class book, I was pretty excited!
 My amazing school lunch!  That's a pulled pork sandwich in aluminum foil!

 The bows I made.

 This one is my favorite!

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