Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kids out for the summer!

We made it through the last week of school (for them)!  Ben got Honor Roll, Kira got Raisin Club all year (which is like honor roll), Emma got the All Star Award for PE, Leah graduated Kindergarten, Kira, Emma and Leah did the Talent Show and only practiced for a day.  It was super funny!  I'm proud of them for being willing to go out in front of everyone!  It was hard saying bye to my kids/students!  We bought a new to us van yesterday!  The kids love it and fight over the chance to ride in it!  It has working ac!

 Talent Show group afterwards
 I took Kindergarten Graduation Pictures!
 Emma's PE All-star award
 Kira's Raisin Club Award
 Leah's graduation (someone else took the pictures for me)
Leah's whole class

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