Sunday, May 10, 2015

Only one more week of school for the kiddos!

My Uncle (that's helping out my parents) was able to receive his Endowments on Tuesday, so I got to spend time with family before everyone left!

Then on Friday the kids had Field Day!  I was with my class, but tried to take pictures/videos as often as I could of my kiddos.  Kira was the fastest girl in the 100 meters in her class and the second fastest girl in the mile in 4th and 5th grade!  Emma was the seventh in her class in her race.  Leah was third to last in her one lap race.  She was being friendly and hanging our with friends! All of my kids finished though!  I love cheering for runners!  I really need to run more!

Today my kiddos made me breakfast.  Emma didn't get to help, so I asked her to make cookies.  She did, but I couldn't eat them.  They didn't mind eating them for me!  I had oatmeal with 2 pieces of toast and some eggs (that Josh took) plus pink lemonade!  I did the girls' hair.  We got to church right in time!  They gave us a rose and a chocolate.
 Crazy dress day-I won for the third grade teachers and got a huge makeup set!  Emma got 2nd place in her class!
 Teacher appreciation presents on Thursday!  I love modpodge!
 My Mother's Day Present to myself, I made one for my mom too!
 My yummy breakfast in bed
The apple oreo pops I made for the teachers at school on Tuesday!

We headed to my family's house right after church!  It was great spending time with them!

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