Sunday, June 14, 2015

So close to vacation!

This week Ben and Scott were at Scout Camp all week!  The rest of us went on Monday down to look at a farmhouse for rent that would have been absolutely perfect for us!  It was huge, only 20 minutes from my work, with a big yard and garden and cheaper than the less desirable places nearby.  We all loved it!  We went to the nearby town and went to the zoo (it was free) and then got ice cream at Braum's and headed toward home.  We got about halfway before the kids were combusting and we had to stop at a gas station.  We had a potty/walk around/fries break.  Then continued home.  We had to reschedule a meeting that we were running late for.  Oops.  I found out that our trip was wasted, because someone had called before us and was looking after us, so they had first dibs.  I wasted all of our time getting excited about a place that wasn't even really an option, because of course the other people took it.  Oh well!  Must be something better for us!  I was just sad to be out the gas money and extra treats that we wouldn't have needed if we had stayed home.  I declared the house search over until after our trip, because we need to be saving money for the trip and since my summer distribution check isn't in yet, we're having to work with very little money.  We so need this vacation, we're making it work!
Monday night we went over and watched my girls play softball again.  They did fantastic and won!
We've been working on decluttering our house and so far we've donated 12 bags of clothes!  12!  We're trying to pare down, so it's not terrible to move!  I can hope!
Wednesday night we went for the family night at Camp and got to see our guys and the camp!  That was great!  We have discovered creamy baby oil is just as magnificent as read!  The mosquitos were THICK and we weren't eaten alive!  Woohoo!
Friday we got to visit with my family after I sold some photography extras that I haven't used in three years.  We learned more that we can do to help my Dad with his ALS.  It was great to talk with Sister Kelly who so willingly came to talk to us after her husband died of ALS 3 and a half years ago!  We cried, we downloaded books, we listened and we talked.  It was great!  Then I was super excited to get a call from my mom saying that Dad had scratched his nose!  You have no idea how thrilled I was!  I still am!  I don't know whether to hope for continued improvement or to expect a sudden rush downhill, but for right now I'm just hoping!  I like hope!
Saturday we got our boys back and I got to take a friend's family pictures!  That was super fun!  I love working with little kids and coaxing smiles out of them!  I took some great pictures that I liked, I hope they like them as much!  After the photo session I got some groceries, went home, got changed and headed to my church meeting.  I love learning more about how I can be a better parent and do better as a child of God.  I headed home right after, shared some pizza with my kiddos (their's got burnt, so they were dying to eat the new one Scott made for me).  They have been staying up late every night this week.  We'll see how vacation goes when we head out soon!
 Ben with Mr. Spicy Cheese the golem (at Camp)
 We made doughnuts with biscuit dough.  Yum!

 Samuel's fit face!  It cracks me up!
 Ben doing archery at camp
 Our new hamster-Treasure, thanks to a family moving out!
 Treasure's awesome house!

 At the farmhouse
 In the yard
 At the Zoo

 Samuel was so excited to see his dad!
 Their tent
 The kids were so excited to find a toad!

My girls

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