Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gieringer's Orchard

Today we headed to Emporia to check out a place to rent.  On our way we went off the beaten path to go to Gieringer's Orchard to pick some strawberries!  We've never done it before, so the kids had a blast looking through and finding good strawberries.  They were so sad when they found big moldy ones!  We ended up paying $16+ for a big tray full of ripe strawberries!  When you took a bite, yummy!  I've never had that fresh of a strawberry apparently!  They're addictive!  We got about 6 pounds and had them all eaten before we were twenty minutes down the road!  We will have to do it again soon, before the strawberries are all gone!  Here's a ton of pictures to document everything strawberry!

I took no pictures of the house we looked at.  It was a bunch of college boys and it was a MESS, so no pictures there.  It's a great size for less than we're paying now though we're going to check out more houses before we commit!  Five bedrooms and two bathrooms sounds pretty great to me!  I also got my temporary contract turned in for my job,  I'm so excited!  I can't wait!  We had Braum's ice cream after visiting with an Emporia friend that let us visit with hardly any notice!  She's so sweet!

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