Sunday, June 7, 2015

The rest of the week

Wednesday was a lazy kind of day, and I worked on bows like crazy to get them ready for Activity Days.  Then we only had 8 girls come, so I way overprepared!  We leaders were able to personally help each girl though and they were super excited about their bows! I bought some awesome centers on Etsy (CTR, The Savior Lives, and Families are Forever), and made some Kansas City Temple ones on my own!  One of the girls gave her bow to her ballet teacher!  Cool!  I offered kits to the other girls and three took me up on it, and I was able to make bows for them to add the centers and clips to.  Pretty fun!  I still have tons left though!
Thursday was my first free summer conference day put on by Greenbush!  I was able to learn fun ways of teaching science and adding it into regular curriculum (plus I got a ton of books for free), eat lunch, and learn better how to motivate (build relationships first)!  I bought two books to read in July to get me ready for school starting in August.  I love free conferences!  I feel like I learned a lot!  Afterwards we all went down to see my family.  I almost cried several times, because my dad is failing so fast.  I can barely understand him as he talks.  I love him though!  I try to help as much as I can!
Friday was my second free summer conference day put on by the Kansas Department of Education and two other education places.  I learned more about iPads and cool apps!  It's perfect since my new school has iPads and I'll even have one!  I'm super excited!  So many cool apps!  Afterwards I went over to my sister's place and visited with her and her husband.  I was a little nosy and found out what they still need for their soon baby.  WOO BUDDY!  First time parents.  Only one box of newborn diapers and a newborn diaper cake and a few clothes up to 6 months.  Wow!  I went home to see my house was a wreck and we were feeding the Missionaries.  I made my husband get Little Caesar's, because he couldn't make anything.  Poor guy.  After we ate, I had to leave everyone home to search for the lost train tickets while I went to see five of my third graders play softball close by!  They lost, but it was fun watching!  I had a little date with my husband when I got home.
Saturday was an early morning, that still took forever.  We ended up going straight to Children's Orchard to fill a bag for $5.  We were in the line and got our picture taken for their facebook page.  We filled 2 bags with tons of stuff for my sister's baby and Ben a swimsuit for Scout Camp.  Then Ben picked two more pairs of shoes.  All of that for under $20! Right after that I met up with Scott and took my two little guys to meet Thomas the Tank Engine!  Josh was so excited!  He was making Samuel laugh and they had a great time on the way!  We rode a bus to the Train Depot and Josh was ready to meet Thomas!  We went into the Gift Shop and got each of the boys a shirt, so we got a train free.  Josh picked Thomas, of course!  We waited in line and got on the train.  After going backwards for fifteen minutes (or so), we went forward until back at the Depot.  We got pictures with Thomas and then Sir Topham Hatt.  We watched part of a Thomas video, played at the sopping wet playground and saw the cool animals at the petting zoo.  We got water and headed to the Imagination Station where the boys played with trains and tracks and Samuel had a blast stamping on the paper.  That I forgot to grab.  Oops.  We got a few snacks and ate them.  We got their prizes and rode the bus back to the parking lot.  Samuel fell asleep on the way!  We went to one garage sale on the way and got more baby girl clothes and two beautiful dresses for Cecilia for a total of $7!  Awesome!  We went back to my parents' house and let the kids play for a little longer before they left for home!
I stayed to go to the Relief Society Meeting and hear Sister Reeves talk to us!  It's awesome that a member of the General Relief Society came and talked to us and it was amazing!  It was all about dealing with tribulations and afflictions!  She has 13 kids, so she knows what she's talking about!  I went with my mom and sister.  Afterwards we shopped for everything the boys needed for Scout Camp, they leave early in the morning!  We got food at Sonic and I headed out soon after.
And now, what you've been waiting!
 My poor husband stepped up to the plate to get the back part done!
 Waiting for our time
 After my hair dried
 At the Greenbush conference
 At KU
 On the train

After he sprayed perfume in his eyes and had them flushed.

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