Monday, June 22, 2015


We really weren't sure about going on vacation with a car that has some problems and doesn't fit all of us, but felt like it would be okay!  So, we headed out first thing Tuesday morning.  Our kids were so excited that they did great!  No crazy arguing, they were amazing!  We made it to my brother-in-law's house at about 1am.  We spent the day with the Westhoffs and Edgleys!  Our kids were sad to leave the splash park!  We saw Brigham Young's St. George house and the Temple there.  We left there and visited with my mamaw's sister and her husband.  After that nice visit, we continued toward Las Vegas.  We were there for too long.  We drove around a ton, got a flat tire and had to buy a new one with a new wheel hub(I think), watched Tomorrowland at the movie theater, saw the Temple, picked something to buy from the bookstore, and did most of the free stuff in Vegas.  I'm exhausted!  Scott went to his conference the whole time and I had to deal with confined kiddos.  I was so proud that I took them to the pool by myself!  I've taken a ton of pictures!  We all didn't like Vegas, with the cigarette smoke, drinking, bad driving, and scantily clad women, it's not a favorite place!
We loved spending time with family!  They were so sweet to take us in and feed us!

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