Sunday, October 18, 2015


This week was great, because I got to create!  We made angel ornaments and a Gratitude garland at church on Tuesday night.
Thursday was Ben and Kira's last Cross Country meet, so we went to that and two of my sisters came too!  Ben and Kira tied for time-both got 7:58, although Ben was half a second ahead of Kira!
We headed up to Olathe to see family and two of my sisters and I went to the Build-it-Herself workshop and built something super cool!  We didn't quite finish it, so my sisters got the rest of the stuff we needed and I was able to finish it yesterday!  I love it!  I'm not allowed to post pictures yet, but after the holidays I can!  My sisters like it so much, that they want to make them for Christmas presents!  I think it's a great idea!
We spent the weekend at home and still didn't get a whole ton done.  It's sad how quickly hard work disappears around here.  At least we're teaching our kiddos hard work!
 They wanted to be read to on the stairs.
 Leah's creation
 My way of getting to sleep in on Saturday morning!
 He fell asleep at the end of the lesson.
 Me and my Scott
 From the parade a few weeks ago.

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