Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lots of fun this week!

We had a busy week this week!  I had a Tech Conference on Wednesday.  Then on Thursday was the 1-4 Field Trip to the Zoo.  I'll have to add those pictures later, they're on my school iPad.  The Cross Country kids didn't get in until 9:30pm.  Yikes!
 Staying up super late after the meet (Kira got 12th out of 30 girls and Ben got 20th out of 40 boys) to finish punishment homework.  This was at 11:45.
 At the Homecoming Parade
 Kira marching in her first parade
 My class won the opportunity to march in the parade!
 Kira ran fast to join the 6th graders!
 Our little guys were excited to see her!
 My middle schoolers, before Ben moved.
 Ben hiding under the table, instead of participating in the Pep Rally Festivities.
 Kira holding Samuel as her friends play with him.
 Kira and one of her best guy friends.
 He's working on potty training.
 "Fishing" in between sessions.

 Making pumpkins

 Biking back after Samuel fell on his head.  Poor little guy!
He's totally fine today!  Phew!

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