Sunday, October 11, 2015

Emma's Baptism

It has been a long week!  Ben and Kira had their Cross Country meet on Tuesday and Ben passed Kira again.  Her ankle is bothering her a lot more than she is willing to admit.  She's been icing it lately to help.  Poor kiddo.  She works so hard!
We had two assemblies on Wednesday and Leah won a bike license plate.  She was super excited!  Cecilia won a $10 gift certificate at the Preschool Parent night.  That was after PTO, so I was at work for 12 hours.  The next day Kira won a huge pack of Sour Straws.  My kids were feeling super lucky!
Yesterday Emma was baptized!  She was a little worried initially, but she did well!  My mom spoke about Baptism and told the story about her having to be baptized three times before she was done!  She even brought a copy of my Papaw's baptism certificate!  Scott was pretty excited to baptize Emma!  He has worked hard!  His mom gave a great talk about the Holy Ghost using different objects, which was fantastic too!  We have great moms and dads!  I was thrilled that most of my family was able to make it!  I was missing my brothers, but I completely understand that they couldn't make it!  We had treats after at the church and then my parents bought us Braum's for lunch!  Yum!  I love meat right now.  This baby boy is definitely a carnivore!
Speaking of my baby boy in my belly, today he was moving around a ton and both Leah and Josh were able to feel him kick!  Josh looked surprised and said:  "There's something in there!"  Yes, there is!  He's so funny!  He has been talking about Daniel Tiger being in his belly.  He is going to get big like a big dad and then Daniel will dig his way out with his pinkies.  Bwahaha!  Totally not how it happens, but I'm not explaining it to my three-year-old!
Now, pictures!
 At home before
 Outside of church
 Ready to be baptized
 Matt, my brother-in-law took this one.
 Then my uncle did this one.
 Our fun family!  Kira was on her tiptoes!
 At Braum's, half of the family
 The other half, although my mother-in-law was cut out.  Sorry!
 I found this shirt a while ago, but just gave it to him!
My silly Samuel and I!

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