Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kira's first basketball game

Kira had her very first Basketball game this week!  I thought she did great for her very first time!  She's learning defense and how to shoot the ball into the basket!  I was also able to help out with the School's big Fundraiser-the Soup Supper.  I found strawberry fudge and peanut butter fudge recipes that I love!  They're super easy and taste amazing!  It's at mysixsisters blog!  Yum!  I'll have to try out more of their recipes!
My students put up with me moving their tables and now they're moving over to individual desks.  I had a lot of help after school on Friday with changing the tables to desks!  It was a great workout!
My kids are still awesome!  We got three of the four kids' rooms clean yesterday, which was quite the feat!  We even found Emma's long lost glasses (two weeks gone, they were just under her bed, next to her journal, not even hard to find).
Today was great, we learned about being grateful and happy, taught about Exaltation, and learned about doing missionary work.  I didn't feel the usual guilt, because I AM doing missionary work!  Woot woot!  I even went on teamups tonight!  There are so many awesome people in this world and I'm so excited I get to meet more of them and get to know them!  We have great Sister Missionaries too!

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