Sunday, November 1, 2015

I can do it!

You can do it too!
I'm sure that Heavenly Father loves each of us so much!  We were paid on Friday and then Scott took our van in to have the tires checked (they're constantly low and we're having to fill them with air).  We thought it'd be maybe $12, so not a big deal.  Nope.  It ws $318 and a few hours later.  The good news is that our car is driving much better and I'm desperately hoping this helps our gas mileage out, so we don't have to fill up every two days! So, while no fun, it may be a blessing in the long run!
Tonight I wasn't feeling well, and I was signed up to go with the Sister missionaries.  I knew that it was probably Satan trying to keep me from going with them tonight.  I prayed and felt better enough to go.  We went to the first place and she told us that tonight wasn't a good night.  I almost immediately felt fine.  I'm super sad that I wasn't able to talk to her at all, because I know it would have been great!  She is loved, and I hope she is able to have the Sisters over another time when things are better!
Right now Leah is our only kiddo that feels sick!  Poor kiddo!
We made it through Parent-Teacher Conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday night and they were great!  I love this school!  Thursday was Halloween parties, so mad craziness!  But, there was no school on Friday!  I still had to get Kira to basketball practice at 6 am, so I got all of my lesson planning and copies done first thing that morning!  Woohoo!
Our kids had a fantastic time yesterday for Halloween!  We had a Carnival/Fall Festival at church and then Trick-or-Treating at the main road here!  It was crazy busy, but I saw a friend (the one that got me this awesome job) and her family, and three of my students!  Our kids had a blast. although they were super tired of all the walking.  :)

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