Monday, November 16, 2015

Temple trip and family

Kira played basketball on Thursday, her second game!  The JV only lost by three!  They worked really hard and it was great watching Kira grow!  She gets better every week!  The coaches even let her play the last minute of the Varsity girls game!  They won by a lot!  We're making sure that she practices outside of practice, especially holding the ball, dribbling and catching!  We'll start working more on shooting after she gets those down!
On Saturday I had the opportunity to go with the Youth to the Temple to do baptisms.  Ben did his very first baptism for the dead!  He's super scared of water, so we were all so proud of him for being willing to try and do one!  He took two tries, but he did it!  I silently cheered!  We were excited, because the whole BYU team was there, so we got some pictures after we got out!  Pretty cool!  I was sad to miss the game, but it's expensive, so I'm just fine!
On Sunday, after church, we headed up to KC and saw Scott's family and played an awesome game called "Telestrations" that cracked us all up!  We had a great time and then went to my parents' house (they just got back from a two-week trip)!  We could only spend an hour there, but we loved every minute!  I love hearing great stories and even my Mamaw told some!
I may be exhausted, but it was totally worth it!

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