Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moving Right Along

So very tired! Tuesday I did some deep cleaning, hurray! And then stayed up until midnight helping my mother-in-law with her speech (she's in a public speaking class). Yes, she was at my house. The sad thing is that I can't sleep in, ever. As long as Hash-baz is awake, there's no rest for me. The things she can destroy in just a little time... Yesterday while I was trying to clean up before Scott got home, she threw a candle down the stairs. There was glass on five of the stairs and the floor. Of course I stepped in some, but it didn't bleed. Luckily no one else did! Then as I was trying to replace the two letters that she obviously trashed somehow (at the Post Office), she got upset at me. She didn't seem to want to let me make brotchen (German rolls), which was the only big thing I wanted to do yesterday. I did it though it took me about 5 hours. Talk about a labor of love! Two of the families I was going to bring them to weren't home. Too bad I left some at one of their houses. They're going to come back to stale/moldy bread when they come home. Unless I drive out and pick them back up!
Happily, Emma went potty three times. Too bad she fell asleep on the couch and peed in her panties. Then when she woke up, the first thing she did was pee on the floor. Anyway, suffice it to say I had a long day. Then Hash-baz woke up at 1:30 this morning and got into bed with me. I never sleep well when I have a kid in bed, but I was too tired to wake up enough to put her back in bed. Sad catch-22.
Leah's doing fantastic though! I think she looks a ton like my dad! Turns out I did when I was a baby too (my mom would say when I still do)! I love her little dimpled smile! She's so snuggly. Everyone should have a baby to snuggle with. Even if they have to borrow them. That's what babysitting is for!
Kira is doing well in Louisiana. She doesn't seem to miss us. I'm glad she's not homesick. She seems to be behaving. Woohoo! Maybe she'll come back better behaved and with manners. I can dream, right?
Now if I can make it through today without sugaring myself up to stay awake, I might get something done! Scott's still working, which is fabulous! Yay Yay for Scott!

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