Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bring on the schooling!

Josh is in cloth diapers at least half time now.  I put him in disposables for nap and bed, because he sleeps better and doesn't get soaked like he does with the cloth diapers.  I'm not sure if I'm doing it right or not!  He's a fantastic sleeper though!  Last night I fed him at about midnight and he woke up at 3:30 to eat and then again at 7 and 9.  Great kiddo!
Thursday and Friday started my last year of school!  Well, of me working on my Bachelor's that is.  Since I am working on becoming a teacher, I'll be spending a lot of time in a school!  Enough rambling!  I went in on Thursday and was super late, due to getting lost after slow traffic (people that drive five under the speed limit are not my favorite) and a crying baby as I left, plus the car I needed to take was in front, so I had to swap cars out.  Either way, they were very forgiving!  Phew!  And Scott oh-so-kindly drove out with all the kiddos (but Kira and Ben, my mom had them, since we can't put all of our kids in the same car) for me to feed Josh at lunch!  My double electric breast pump works fantastic!  Thanks to Simplisse!  It's the one that I won a while back and it is awesome!  Scott has been doing great with the kids and the FANTASTIC news is that he got a job!  Doing what I think he'll be awesome at-teaching Spanish to kids!  I'm so excited for him, and for us as a family-so we will be able to pay bills (something that Ben has been praying for)!  We're hoping to have enough money to buy a vehicle that we can all fit in!  That would be fantastic!  I would gladly trade in my van for one that would fit us all!
So begins this week!  Scott has some training next week/the end of this week and I have days and times at about three, maybe four different places and actually have classes on Wednesday (or Thursday, my photographic memory is slipping lately).  I'm excited to use my Kindle, because two of my books are on it!  And three of my books I was able to order and they came in super fast, thanks to the free Prime 2-day shipping, since my family got me a Kindle and I get free Prime for a month!  Woohoo!
And did I mention I won a Kindle Touch from one of my awesome author friends?  So cool!  I get to pick it up this week sometime when I'm over her way!  I also won $100 worth of Photoshop actions, which was fun to figure out how to use actions in Photoshop.  Now I know!  It's pretty cool!
I can't wait to get my studio up and really running, although it will only be open once a week while school is in session, except for special clients/friends/family.  I will be pretty busy this Semester, but if all goes well, the Semester will be over December 9th!  Which is awesome!  We'll have almost a month break before my very last Semester in my Bachelor's!  It's going to be fantastic learning from great mentors/teachers!  I'm so glad that Scott and I decided to go to ESU!
Now for some picture catchup!  Mind you these are straight out of the camera, not edited!
 When my Mamaw was here.  I LOVE her!
 4 Generations
 His 2 Mamaws giving him kisses!
 His first trip to the Swimming Pool, he slept through it thankfully!

 Cecilia was a little scared when her daddy went under!
 Ben and Kira holding hands
 One of the awesome Sunset shots, after I play with them, I'll post more!
 What can I say?  I love baby feet!
 So sweet!
 He slept okay for a little while...
 I love the fluidity of the cloth in this one!
 Trying to get him on his tummy is ridiculously hard!
 I love little hands too...  Maybe there's a support group?
 I had to get at least one with the banner that I worked so hard on!
 Cute little football feet!
And the classic hand up shot, we had one of Ben as a little bitty too.  I wonder where that one is?


  1. Do you have Amazon Student you always get free two day shipping through them around the school time.

  2. I have yet to convince Amazon that I'm a student, the links just don't work.