Sunday, August 26, 2012

The first full week down!

We made it through the first full week of school!  I can't say that it's been all roses and sunshine, but it's going pretty well!  I'm slowly getting a hang on the whole school, different school, family, cleaning, food, homework thing.  I've let my kiddos stay up a little later, so that I can have more time with them.  They loved Tuesdays at the Castle, so now we're a chapter into Fablehaven.  I love reading to them!

Josh is awake a lot more, so I get to talk to him and see him smile.  I love it!

Cecilia has been quite the messmaker.  She's super cute though and will help clean it up!  She will pick things up one at a time, but she cleans!  She dances incredibly cute and even does the hand movements with "Popcorn Popping!"  She is starting to say more, which is exciting!  I love naptime when she gets so snuggly!

Leah is so sweet!  If she does something wrong, after you tell her, she cries and says sorry.  She loves to pose for pictures with her hands on her hips and turning sideways.  I love watching her dance! She shakes her tiny hips.

Emma is building up quite the vocabulary and has little problem saying big words.  She loves to play on our bannister and doesn't like being told no!  She toes the line, but when she gets hurt after doing something I tell her not to do, she always says she's not hurt.  She cries when someone hurts her feelings and has a seriously loud voice at home.  Outside she is super shy and you can hardly hear her talk!

Now we have my oldest girl and tallest kiddo.  She loves being in charge and is very manipulative, hopefully only in a good way.  She loves to learn and is awesome at going to bed!  She brings Ben into play, so he doesn't hang out by himself and LOVES helping Josh!
And my firstborn son Ben.  He is so very sensitive to what is going on around him.  He knows we don't have much money, and so he asks if things are expensive and never asks for something that is expensive!  He loves his little brother and worries about him after Cecilia has tried to sit on him or something.  He doesn't like him crying at all!  He's a super sweet brother!

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