Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ode to Watermelon

I love watermelon
I would gladly eat it everyday
My kids love watermelon too
The end

We all made it through the craziness of this past week.  I had a ton of classes at the school to learn from (they were fantastic)!  I got to do Sneak-a-Peek at "my" school and then at my kids' school the next night.  It was INCREDIBLY different!  I love the shirts that I got from my school!  I do not love that Kira's name is spelled wrong on everything (Kia).  I was very proud of her for not crying!  She is so emotional lately, poor kiddo!  Ben was thrilled about going back to school, but not about that heavy backpack full of supplies!  I gave him a haircut the night before school started.  I really should have done it sooner.  Oh well!  I was sad that I couldn't take pictures of my kiddos at school for their first day!  I was running late, so I didn't take pictures of them at all and I doubt Scott could!  I did take pictures at the Back-to-School night the day before though.  Does that count?  Emma is very attached to me at home when I come.  She's having a hard time with the changes.  Leah was thrilled when I was still here in the morning yesterday!  "You don't have school?"  No, Leah, I'm home for two days.  "Yay!"  I love my kiddos lots and lots and I'm sad to be leaving them, but it's for a very good reason!  They are very excited for me to get a real job (where they pay me), so we can buy a house and a dog.  The important things in life!  We were working on getting an 8-passenger van, but it costs too much, our vans aren't worth enough and we can't get a loan (which is fine).  So, we'll continue driving our two minivans around.  It works and we're getting used to it!  I love being at the school!  When I was helping teach 4square to every student in the school (there were four of us teaching it), I had two first graders come up and hug me and tell me they loved me.  They don't even know me, but they were in my group.  So sweet!  One of "my" third graders hugs me too.  I'm more of a toucher than I thought!  I love being in the school!  I think it's an awesome school!
Well, I need to get back to my poor "starving" baby.  He's only eaten a ton tonight!  He must be going through a growth spurt!

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