Sunday, October 21, 2012

I still love my kids

It's a good thing my love is unconditional, because oh the conditions yesterday!  Kira broke three glass bowls, so now we have maybe 2.  And they shattered all over the kitchen floor.  I kept the kids out while Scott cleaned it up (he's such a sweetheart).  Poor Kira felt bad!  People are way more important than bowls!  We still have five plastic bowls, so we're okay.  Then I had taken out my camera to take pictures of something I was reviewing. I had to throw something away, so I put my camera down on the table.  The next thing I know-Kira is telling me that Cecilia was messing with my camera.  Ack!  She broke the lens.  Now it doesn't focus.  Gggrrrr....  She's so cute though!  With her oily looking hair (she put rosebud salve in, plus hand soap) in a ponytail, she's pretty cute!  She says: "Mommy, mommy, mommy" oh-so-sweetly (and constantly).  When I can afford to replace the lens, I won't ever set it down.  Obviously.  But, no matter what, we're a family forever, which is way more important than any thing!
 The lil' witch hat bows I made on Friday night as Scott and I watched Avengers.
 Cecilia (with her nasty looking hair-this was after her bath too)
My sweet lil' man.  The last focused picture for awhile.

Josh is now sleeping through the night in his crib.  Aahhhh!!!!  What a sweet baby!  Cecilia is doing fairly well with potty training.  She still has accidents, but she's not even two yet!  I'm pretty excited that she's doing as well as she is!  She's started saying "Josh," which to me says that she can say more words, but hasn't figured out how to yet.  She walks around half-naked, so I'm glad that the heater here works!

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