Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apple Orchard

Hurray!  We made it to the weekend (we had just a little sickness and everyone recovered quickly)!  I had to take Kira in for a crazy rash, and it turns out it was just really chapped!  Poor kiddo!  I had tried lotion and it burned, so I was concerned.  The hydrocortisone lotion burns too, but she's already healing pretty well!  Phew!
Yesterday we watched the first session of Conference.  How exciting is it that men and women can go on their missions that much earlier!?!  Awesome!  I have one less year to help Ben save up, but that's fine by me!  And Kira might go out in the middle of Ben's mission.  Craziness, right?  Josh stayed home with Scott and the rest of us headed to Pome on the Range to pick some apples!  They aren't awesome apples (most are tiny and gritty), but the kids had a blast picking them!  I loved it when Cecilia would pick an apple and then laugh her silly laugh (it sounds like an evil laugh)!  I got some fantastic pictures, because it was so cloudy!  Check them out!
 The kids before we started picking apples
 Ben and his first apple this year
 Emma was thrilled to get these cute little ones!

 After she got her apple!  Cute laugh!
 Lexi was excited!
 Kira was all about using the scoop
 I wanted proof that I was there!
 Happily running and then poof!  Fell on her face.  Poor kiddo!
 Cecilia was trying hard to figure out how to get up there!
 Emma helped Leah get the apple!

 My nephew
 Fun kids
 My kiddos!  
The kid family tree
We made it back in time for the last talk of the next session, but I'll be watching what I missed a little later.  Great advice in Conference!  I'm a Mormon!  I Know It!  I Live It!  I Love It!  I have a lot to do to be a better mom, but I'm well on my way!

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