Sunday, October 14, 2012

My weekly update

It seems like my weeks just fly by, wait, they do!  My baby boy is already 3 months old!  He tries to do situps in his bouncer seat, loves trying to jump in the jumperoo, smiles so sweetly at me, tries to talk to us, and has started laughing a little when tickled!  I love that baby boy!  There's something about babies that is just calming and sweet.  Oh-so-sweet!

Cecilia is already trying to potty train.  She loves to wear panties!  She has her good and bad days though.  Today, not a good day.  I had the opportunity to find and clean four different spots where she pooped.  One was in my shoe, in the shoe box.  I'm still not sure how she managed that!  She's absolutely adorable though!  I crack up everytime I see that little girl wearing her big panties (she keeps putting on Leah's and they are big on her)!  Leah tries to pull stuff over on me all of the time and has started using pretty big words.  She has a very bad habit of trying to get others into trouble, so she can stay awake longer.  Emma is into everything and tries super hard to be a great helper.  Sometimes it works really well!  Most of the time it doesn't.  She's only five though, so I expect it!  Kira keeps forgetting that she's lactose intolerant, so eating a big ice cream cone isn't a very good idea for her.  She will gladly clean like crazy in order to be able to watch tv, and nothing is "fair."  Ben reads like crazy and actually picked up one of my books:  Lipstick Wars, to read.  Interesting.  He was telling me about a little girl that he wants to get to know more, because he thinks she could be a good friend, but still loves Aurora!  I love that boy!

This week was super busy with it being a whole week in the school!  I LOVED it!  I just had a hard time remembering where I needed to be, because I'm so used to leaving at a certain time!  I had to seriously concentrate to stay!  I got to teach my own Smart Start Group of five students and it went pretty well!  I also got to teach my Math lesson which also went awesome, especially considering I had no idea how to teach it, because I am always teaching Guiding Reading then!  I also got to put up my first bulletin board!  When I finally download my phone pictures, I'll post it!  It was quite the effort, because I wanted to stay with the school's sport theme!  Phew!  I also got to go on a field trip, which was tons of fun!  Exhausting, but tons of fun!  I'm excited to make a little photo album of sorts, so the parents can take the pictures home at Parent-Teacher Conferences!  I already made an album with the Shape Poetry they did and with their pictures!  I love it!

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