Friday, October 19, 2012

My Top Ten Reasons I Love being a Mom

I have the day "off" and have been able to spend a lot more quality time with my kids!  I started thinking of all the reasons why I love being a mom.

1.  Having kids is a fantastic way to get rid of selfish tendencies.  It's hard to eat the last fruit snack when your toddler is watching you, even if they have already had their own pack, or two.

2.  Sweet little kisses to say thanks from an adorable toddler.

3.  Willing helpers who are just dying to help you with something (that aren't chores, but do include food).

4.  My baby looking right at me, and opening his mouth like he desperately wants to tell me something.  Then the big toothless grin, I LOVE it!

5.  The way they all run to me when I come to the door with excited shouting, "Mommy's home!"  The great big hugs and Cecilia's repeated, "Mommy, mommy, mommy!"

6.  Hearing all of the awesome things my kids do when I'm not around.  Obviously they pay attention to what I try to teach them!

7.  Getting hand-drawn pictures to "Momey."  Especially the fun ones where I'm a beautiful flower!

8.  Holding a sleeping kiddo, who just wants that extra comfort to sleep.

9.  Seeing sneaky kiddos who fell asleep at the bottom of the stairs as they watched all of the DIY shows I watch at night.  My son even told me that the house shows help him fall asleep!

10.  All of the fun things I learn, like how two animals together make super cool animals.

11.  Hearing the laughter of all of my kids, individually or collectively!  It just makes my heart light!

12.  Seeing my kiddos dance to whatever music is playing!

13.  Watching their eyes light up when they learn something or do something the first time.

14.  Hearing my kiddos get excited about new-to-them clothes!

15.  Having lots of reasons to make better decisions for me and my family.

16.  Having someone to exercise with (no matter what I do)!

17.  Having willing recipients for my lesson plans, art projects, and assessments.

18.  Having great reasons to watch a kiddo movie.  With popcorn.

19.  Having sweethearts that think I'm beautiful, and super smart.

20.  There's always something going on!  No boredom here ever!

This was a top ten list, but it expanded.  I love being a mom!  Although I will have to work to support them, I know that we'll do just fine!

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