Sunday, October 28, 2012

One more week

Only one more week of homework and classes plus going to the elementary school!  My biggest problem is that I have a ton due tomorrow, including five lesson plans.  Ugh!  I enjoyed time with my kids, which is great, but my time management skills stink!  We cleaned and did Trunk or Treat and spent time with my family.  My dad is so super awesome!  He knew my camera lens was broke and tried to fix it last week and couldn't.  Then while he was working down in Mexico, he researched and figured out how to fix it, and he did!  In his precious little time he had home, he spent it fixing my lens, because he knows how much it means to me!  What a great dad!  My mom is pretty awesome too for letting him, and for helping me out so much!  She watched Josh during the Church Trunk or Treat last night, so I didn't have to drive with Kira in the front seat!  Phew!  I think my family is terrific, and I'm really glad that we chose each other in heaven!  As soon as my mom downloads the pictures onto the website, I'll post them!  I took some pretty awesome pictures of my kids in their costumes using her camera!  Good times!

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