Sunday, November 18, 2012

First week of full-time teaching down

And I am exhausted!  Trying to keep up with laundry and kids' homework, bills and a budget, meals, snacks and general housekeeping on top of it.  I'm trying incredibly hard to make sure my kids feel loved and listened to, that I will stop whatever I'm doing to listen, comfort, read or sing.  I would like to think I'm doing a good job, but it's making it so that I'm not getting enough sleep, so I'm going to add in time management!  I have always needed to work on that!  I got some awesome deals at Children's Orchard, so Josh is looking super cute in his $2 outfit!  I'm cancelling cable and considering buying a blue-ray player, so I can pipe in Netflix/Hulu onto my tv.  With black Friday sales, I can buy one for less than the price of a month of Cable.  Hurray!  And there's not commercials!  So, I'll save money and my sanity (my kids want everything they see on tv)!  My kids are fantastic kids and are growing up fast!  Yesterday Josh waved at me!  Cecilia is going potty regularly, maybe she's unregressing?  Leah is in Preschool on trial.  Emma can now write her first and last name.  Kira isn't feeling well, but is taking it in stride.  She's excited for me to be out of school, so I can eat lunch with her.  Ben is making new creatures like crazy!  He is still missing Aurora, and I was supposed to set up a day for us to go down to Emporia by his birthday, which is next week!  He's turning ten!  November is flying by! I just have a week of full-time teaching, a few days of teaching a few lessons, and a few days of observing in the school! I'm glad we're getting out of school a few weeks early!  I'm looking forward to spending time with family, working on some crafts (making Christmas presents) and Kindergarten lesson plans!  I'm excited that the women at church came together and decided on Bunco once a month.  It's fun to have a night out once a month and in January I'm hosting!  So, I need to figure out what I'm going to make for prizes...  Maybe bows and bowties, taggie blankets?  I'm still working on the idea.  We'll see I suppose!  I'm very thankful that we're lucky enough to be a family forever!  Hurray for awesome family!

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