Sunday, November 11, 2012


I feel like I'm running and running and running!  People always ask me how I get things done.  I don't!  I prioritize and pray that it's enough!  Last weekend I wasn't able to work on my big thing that was due on Monday and I'm pretty sure it was a class all by itself, so I'll be lucky if I pass that class.  I hope that if I don't I can just redo it!  I really hope that doesn't put me behind a semester!  It wasn't my best work at all, so I was sad when I turned it in!  But, I spent time with my kids, and got caught up on laundry, so that was good!
This week has been nice, because I was able to teach most of the afternoon everyday except Tuesday.  Tuesday I brought a fellow intern with me to go to the Career Fair in Emporia, to have my tire tread completely come off at the halfway point!  We were blessed that no cars were around, so no one got hurt!  Since that was my spare, I had no options!  I had Scott bring his spare to my parents' house, for my brother (and his family) to drive 45 minutes to help me have a spare.  A really nice State Patrol Officer stopped and talked to us for a minute.  We played checkers (I lost soooo bad) and Bill rescued us!  We were sad, but decided to just head back, because by then we couldn't have gotten an interview anyway!  We looked nice though!  I dropped her off, came home and changed into regular clothes in order to get a new tire.  I ended up spending $44.  Not bad at all!  Not good, but not bad!  Our class had a field trip on Friday and we got to see the Robin Hood play.  I thought they did a pretty great job!  I just finished writing up 15 super short lesson plans for next week and I'll have to get started on the next two weeks after that.  Only this week and then seven more days of teaching this semester.  Although I'll probably still be teaching after that, just not full-time!  Then I get to observe around the school, including (hopefully) my class for next semester.
In the meantime, Leah gets to start an extended eval for Preschool, so she gets to go to Preschool!  I'm very excited for her, and she's pretty thrilled too!  Poor Emma is very disappointed (and I don't blame her)!  I hope Emma gets into preschool soon too!
Cecilia is talking more and letting her wants be known.  Whew!  She is quite the snugglebug and wants to cuddle with me and Josh in the morning!  My mom says she weighs 30 pounds!
Josh is over 18 pounds!  He's quite the little brick!  He's absolutely adorable though!  He kept talking during the Adult Stake Conference Session.
I went through shoes today and we straightened up the Living Room for the party that didn't happen.  Oh well!
I also took pictures with my tripod and self-timer today!  I was so excited!
The first set of pictures is the stuff I made at Super Saturday last week!

 How cute is this ornament?
 Cecilia loves the sign!

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