Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cecilia is 2!

Cecilia just turned two this week. Poor kiddo has had a super rough week though! She was sick the whole way home from Louisiana on Tuesday. We had to change her clothes at least twice! Once she actually made it to the toilet at a reststop. I'm glad we made good time, because I felt so bad for her! She's had a nasty runny nose for awhile, but does pretty well with it! She's been completely attached to me lately and is usually trying to sleep on/with me. I don't think next week is going to go well when I have to go back to school. Anyway, on her birthday she got TONS of Elmo presents! She LOVES her presents, but has been pretty good about sharing them. I don't know that she's played much with the Aquadoodle, since her older siblings have commandeered it. She got to pick the shows on Netflix and I fed her her favorite snacks. Scott and I weren't feeling well until the afternoon/evening, so I felt very blessed when my mom offered to cook dinner and we skipped Chuck E Cheese's. Phew! So, Cecilia was still able to celebrate her birthday on her birthday. Hurray! Pictures:
She was a very happy little girl!  I'll add the rest of the pictures when I download them, soon.  I can't believe school starts on Monday!  For half of us, anyway!

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