Saturday, January 19, 2013

Take My Heart Blog Tour

I was supposed to review this yesterday.  Whoops!

This is a fantastic book!  I loved the interesting twist in the middle, although I had my suspicions...  Poor Mercy just wanted to be a good sister and wow, did she!  I can't imagine having a twin and then finding out that she went crazy and killed herself!  Kat (Mercy's twin) sure made it sound like her husband was an ogre! I liked the historical information and how Mercy does her best to change her husband's previous ideas of her (since her sister really was a horrible person)!  This was a great clean read!  It made me feel so much better after having read (or tried to read) two "clean" books that were full of swearing.  Ptooey!  I thoroughly enjoy Marie Higgins books!  There was some very good kissing, but that was it!  Thanks for keeping the door closed!

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