Saturday, January 19, 2013

I am crazy

It seems everytime someone hears that I have six kids their mouths immediately gape open and almost everyone says:  "Are you crazy?"  Yes, apparently I am.  If having six kids makes me crazy.  Then when they know that I'm student teaching as well, I become "Super Mom!"  Interesting.  I am glad that I have the opportunity to student teach.  I LOVE teaching and I really do feel as if it's helping some with my kiddos.  But, I am SO not Super Mom!  I always feel so bad for all the people who think that.  All I can think is:  please don't put me on a pedestal!  My next thought is:  Never come to my house (without plenty of warning)!  For instance right now my kids rooms and the Living Room are the cleanest in the house.  I'm pretty excited, due to the fact that I found something that would convince my kiddos to clean their rooms!  Hmmm...  Maybe I am super mom?  Naah!
So, Josh is not flipping over very well from his tummy to his back.  Once he gets on his back he's pretty happy, so he doesn't roll more.  He's so adorable though I can't help helping him sometimes!  He has the best smiles and giggles (just like all of my kiddos)!  I love my lil' man and I'm so excited to get to spend an extra day with him (and the rest of my kiddos) on this 3-day weekend!
Cecilia is talking a LOT better!  Tonight she even requested to watch Signing Time, which I was eager to help with!  She is becoming quite the little go-getter and when she wants something, she wants it now!  I LOVE the way she says "Thank You!"  It's more like "rank you," like Scooby Doo!  She gives very sweet kisses, has a hard time staying out of our bed, and is very attached to me.  She works hard to break my heart when she cries for me!
Leah still talks about her school when she says her happy thing for the day, although she has done better the past couple of days!  She did a fantastic job showing signs for mom, dad, grandma and grandpa!  I was super impressed!  She even helped clean her room a little (which shocked me)!  She went to bed all on her own, because she was tired.  So sweet!
Emma, oh Emma.  She can write her first and last name (which is something some of my Kindergarteners are still working on)!  I'm going to start her for real on sight words this coming week.  I got the awesome Sight Word Watches and I'm going to print them on cardstock and let her color and wear one every morning.  Kira, Leah and Cecilia are going to get one too (they come in fours).  I have no doubts that she'll pick up on things quickly.  And don't tell her I told everyone, but she has been doing an awesome job at not wetting the bed lately!  She is so proud in the morning when she wakes up dry!  She is fantastic at making sure that we share happy things every night at dinner!
Kira is still very much the drama queen and wants everything to go her way.  She has done a pretty awesome job at staying up to date on her Mason Dixon book, so she can answer the daily question.  She really wants to win something!  I can safely assume that's my fault!  She loves getting the mail to see what I will be reviewing next!  She's always hoping it's something for her, and when it is, she is very excited!  She is doing better at reading, although she still struggles with spelling.  No matter how much I tell her that everyone has to study their spelling words, she doesn't believe me.  Oh well!  She desperately wants to be a Scout, because they do cool things every week!  Ben didn't agree with her!
Ben is hilarious!  He cracks me up with his straight face and jokes.  He has some great jokes!  What princess can you eat?  Ra-pretzel!  I love it when he laughs!  It is so genuine and just awesome!  He is expensive for me though.  He always wants me to buy books and they aren't cheap!  I did buy one on Thursday night, since I made him go shopping with me after Cub Scouts.  It was a Captain Underpants book and he was cracking up reading it.  He was on Chapter Five when we were checking out.  Then later I found out that he hadn't started at the beginning!  He's so silly!  He tries very hard to do his best and is very disappointed when it doesn't work out.  Very, very disappointed.  Also, he is afraid of heights.  None of us knew until his first night at Webelos on Thursday and the Leader picked him up.  It didn't go well.  At all.  I'm hoping to convince him to go back next week.  I hope, I hope!  It wasn't the Leader's fault at all!  I really should have talked to him beforehand.  Poor Ben was already sad that he wasn't in my group anymore.  He asked me:  "How do boys do Scouts without their moms?"  Oh, Ben!
No matter which way you look at it, I have fantastic kids and feel so very blessed.  I am so not Super Mom, but I'm trying!

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