Sunday, January 13, 2013

The sickness, oh the sickness

Luckily it's not too bad though!  We still have a lot of snotty noses, a few coughs, and Scott was super sick. He had ear infections that worked its way down his throat.  So, his sinuses were a mess! He had to miss work on Thursday and Friday.  He's feeling lots better now!  I thought we were doing okay, until pretty fast after Scott dropped Cecilia off at nursery.  I see her coming toward me and one of the leaders says she has pink eye.  Her eyes were goobery, but my kids' eyes always do that when they get a cold.  So, Cecilia, Josh and I went home.  They didn't mind.  No one is throwing up, so I'm a very happy camper!  I'm feeling pretty happy about that with all of the flu going around.  NOT THE FLU, ANYTHING BUT THE FLU!!!  I hate it when my kiddos are sick, and the flu is miserable!  Anyway.  We had fun with the Pinewood Derby.  I had the opportunity to make all of the awards.  So, I bought a container of air dry clay and a spray can of silver metallic paint, and tiny cars (for printing).  I made a ton of medals using the bottom part of a cupcake pan.  Then I poked a hole in each using a corn cob holder and stamped each with the cool looking race car.  After a few days they were dry enough to paint, so I did.  If I had had more time (and money). I would have stamped the sayings in them (or the boys' names) and coated with a glossy clear spray.  Oh well, the Sharpie worked well on most!  I also made four cars for trophies.  Fun times!  I really like clay!  Check out the results!

 Ben decorated the little one and was very disappointed that he didn't win it!

 Ben and his car before we had to take all of the pennies off and put tons of holes in!
The boys who won First, Second and Third

Obviously I forgot to take pictures of the medals.  I have spares, so not a problem.
 When Cecilia blew out her candle
 Eating her cool cake, no I didn't make it (remember I was feeling rotten).
 Ben is being Big Bird.
I LOVE reviewing things, and Monkeez and Friends actually gave me one for EACH kid!  How awesome is that?  Usually I have to choose one kiddo to get something to review, so this was fantastic!  They all love them, a little too much even.
 This was after his first couple of races, so there was no longer a beak on his Peregrine Falcon/Perry the Platypus.
My handsome lil' man today wearing his outfit that I got for $1 yesterday.  I LOVE great sales!  And cute babies/kiddos!

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