Sunday, February 17, 2013


This week was super busy, so it's nice to have a 4-Day weekend!  So far, we've had Scott, Ben and Leah sick.  Kira and I felt funny last night, but feel better this morning.  Parent Teacher Conferences went great!  Ben and Kira are well-loved at school!  Ben entertains his teachers and para!  Kira is very conscientious and one of the best behaved in the class!  Her assessment scores are fantastic!  I'm so proud of how she's worked hard to get things done and learn more!  I've enjoyed spending more time with my kiddos!  We've got some cleaning done, with plans for more cleaning to get done!  I got half of my closet (also know as my craft/art supply storage) organized!  We're moving things around, because my parents are slowly getting rid of things and giving them to us!  We're super excited about the hand-me-downs!  I got to enjoy some time with Scott too!  We went to a dance on Friday night after eating out, and had a two and  a half hour date!  It's been a really long time since we've done that!  Then on Saturday Scott wasn't feeling well, but still got the new bed inside before he crashed!  When Kim and my Mom got our kids, I put Josh to bed and was able to help my Dad some with the Dining Room floor (and the touch-up painting).  Now we just need the new plywood screwed down and then we can put the new floor on!  Hurray!  That carpet was just gross!  My family does so much for us, so I'm so excited to help them with their house!  It's going to look awesome when it's all done!

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