Sunday, February 10, 2013

I have pictures again!

They're not fantastic, but I desperately wanted to take pictures of my kiddos.  It was my little celebration for taking a huge test (110 questions) in under an hour and passing!  Woohoo!  It cost over $100, so I was thrilled to not have to take it again!  So, I came home as quick as I could to my adorable kids and proceeded to take pictures of them, koolaide mouths and all.  The turkeys found the koolaide stash (the kind you put into bottled water) and made some while I was gone.
 I braided Kira's hair last Sunday and took a picture, so she could see it.
 In her old glasses, she now has some pretty new ones, with both arms!
 Emma was pretty thrilled about her braids too!
 When Kira braided my hair.
 My adorable lil' man
 He was showing off his two teeth.  I helped him this time!
I managed to take a picture of us together.
She was so excited to have her picture taken!
This was after I convinced her to put her tongue in her mouth.
She's getting so tall!
You can really see the koolaide on his teeth.  Yuck!  I made him brush his teeth right after this!
Her shirt says it all!
My kids are growing up so well!  They're getting to be better helpers, slowly but surely.  I'm really working on Emma, because she'll be in Kindergarten in August.  Aaahhhh!!!  Although I feel a lot better about her after hearing the Kindergarten teachers talking about what they want the students to know before they start Kindergarten and she knows some of it!  Hurray!  I started working with her on Friday on her letters and letter sounds.  And I downloaded some awesome games on my Kindle to help encourage learning for my kiddos.  I have Starfall and it's fantastic!  Leah was playing it and was sad when I took it away!  It actually sounds out the words for you!  Which is great for kiddos who don't know the sounds the letters make yet!  I also got an Umizumi math game!  And a fingerpainting game.  Fun times on the Kindle!

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