Sunday, February 3, 2013

Crazy week

I love that I'm getting a taste of what real teachers have to do!  It's making me think that they need to be paid a whole lot more!  (Not that I didn't already think that!)  I got to start teaching Math (Envision) this week, which I'll be doing for the rest of the Semester.  I also tested three students and started them out on ERI, so I have my own little ERI group.  I'm in charge of the line and all of the pick ups and drop offs.  My mentor is fabulous and wants me to get the real feeling of having my own class by myself!  This week I had extended learning for 4th graders on Tuesday and Thursday, plus Pre-K night (on Tuesday) and PE Night (on Thursday), plus my PLT test (HUGE test, cost me $125) on Wednesday and Cub Scouts on Thursday.  Today I was exhausted, but got a few things done.  Tuesday I have my first Supervisor Observation, and I just had my mentor observe me on Friday.  She is great at talking me up and helping me get better!  Phew!  We have so much in common that I think the people who match mentors and interns together are amazing!  Last night Mandy, Cecilia and I went shopping for shoes and clothes.  That was lots of fun, but I went to bed super late!  Which means I was moving sloooooowww...  Today (Saturday) poor Scott had a flat tire, so he had to buy a new one.  Then he went ahead and washed it and vacuumed it out after picking up a chest freezer from a friend (Woohoo!).  It took so long that I didn't get to go craft with my friend (as planned).  Bummer!  Instead I went grocery shopping and picked up lots of freezer sales to put in our "new" freezer.  Wow!  That was a lot of money for food!  I had at least a handful of random people comment on my amount of food.  I have 6 growing children that like to eat.  It's not a bad thing!  Scott and I got to go out for awhile by ourselves.  Thanks to my sisters and Mom!  We got to hold hands, share a pretzel and drink, and everything!
Scott's doing well and is still loving "teaching" Spanish!  He's feeling much healthier!
Ben's having a hard time with simplifying fractions, but loves his books and toys!  He drew an awesome fairy tale picture of all of us, he's the dragon, Josh is the frog prince...  I'll have to take a picture!
Kira's all about being helpful as long as there is a reward for her!  That's not how life works though, so I'm trying to love and logic her.
Emma's a hard worker for others, and is loving her Dry-Me Alarm.  It hasn't gone off yet, so so far, so good!
Leah's still talking about Preschool.  Poor Kiddo!
Cecilia loves her Josh and will gladly take him from anyone!  She is talking more and more all of the time!
Josh has his two middle bottom  teeth in and he started saying "Ma Ma."  Adorable!  He's getting faster at flipping over the one way.  And when I set him down on the floor, he starts in the correct crawling position, but it doesn't last.

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