Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow days!

 Kira shoveled out a trail for the trash can to get back to the house.
 The girls were excited about their Peaceable Kingdom Glow-in-the Dark Fairy stickers!
 It's pretty cool!  I tried to take a picture of it glowing, but no dice.  It glows well though!
 Emma and her "biggest snowball ever!"
 Yes, Leah is wearing a skirt outside.  And she wondered why she was cold and had to go back in pretty fast.
 My adorable lil' snow bunny!  He LOVED it outside and it was still snowing!  Luckily he was able to sit on top of the snow!
 Kira was just shoveling all over the place!
 He's so cute!
 Right before she went in, because she was cold!
 Cecilia was loving it outside too!
 She's smiling so big!

 Look at those eyes!
 Starting our new Peaceable Kingdom cooperative game!  It took a lot of work to teach them how to play cooperatively, because they're used to being competitive!  Then they caught on and LOVED it!  Now they play it at least once a day.  Except today, because we were at church and my mom's house.  Either way, I LOVE it!
 She loves it when the camera is out and will tell me:  "Smile!"  "Cheese!"
 Josh and his food, carrots!
 Whenever the cat got to move (they were the mice), they felt the pain together!
 Look at that happy face!  I love happy smiley faces!
 The dance after Ben's mouse made it to the attic before the cat!
Cecilia looking cute after she had to have a bath (thanks to the shampoo she poured onto her head) and I braided her hair.

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