Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Newsletter

We just made it, so it's doubtful that it will get to everyone in time!  In the meantime, we have four days of actual school and one teacher work day until two weeks of Winter Break!  We're so excited!  I get to spend time with family and deep clean!  I've already started and got the girls' room clean (just have the closets to go)!  I can't wait to see how excited my Kindergartners are to make things for their parents!  They love art projects (and we don't have art)!  We don't have any recent family pictures which is a bummer!  I have material to make matching skirts for us girls and matching pjs for all of us!  Now to get my sewing machine working!
Westhoffs’ 2013 Update
Scott- Scott is super busy here in Liberal!  He is in charge of the facilities at church and also teaches Spanish and English classes at church!  He is enjoying being a stay-at-home dad as he works to get his online marketing business going.

Tamera- I graduated this year with honors!  I LOVE teaching my Kindergartners!  I have 40 half day Kinders!  I also do the Afterschool Program and have 11 kiddos there (one is Emma)!  We’re learning to like our small town and are looking for the perfect house!

Ben- He’s in 5th grade and is learning to play the bells!  He’s trying to change the world, one invention at a time!  If he had the time and resources, he would create some super cool things!  He is an awesome reader and actually tested above the 11th grade level! 

Kira- She’s in 4th grade.  Her teacher chose her to be a Student Ambassador for her class, plus she got Student of the month last month!  She also loves Activity Days, and that her mom is in charge!

Emma- Finally started school this year!  She is one of the smartest kids in her class, thanks to the extra year she had to learn before she started!  She loves having me next door and being in my class for the afterschool program! She loves to paint and drum!

Leah- Will be starting Kindergarten next year (after a whole lot of work over the Summer to get her ready)!  She still likes to take naps, and LOVES makeup and art!

Cecilia- She is turning 3 at the beginning of the year and is a crack up!  She is super sweet with Josh and will run and open the cabinet door to let Josh throw away his diaper every time!  Then she claps and cheers for him!  She is also very creative, as evident by the many pictures she draws on our walls!

Joshua- He is almost one and a half, but wears size 2t-3t!  He LOVES cars!  He has some wall stickers and has to touch each of them every night before he’ll go to bed!  Two of the few words he uses regularly are “car” and “mom.”  He is a dancer!  Even at church he’ll dance to the hymns!  He is also talented at pulling up the html code for random websites. 

Upcoming Baby due May 30th, growing well (about a week ahead of Schedule) and we have another ultrasound at the end of the month, so we’re hoping to find out if Samuel Parker or Samara Ashlyn will be joining our family!

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