Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fun times again!

I never knew how bad December would be at school, since we were able to take an early break last year during student teaching.  I had no idea how crazy it would be!  My poor Kindergartners were so excited about Christmas, and then we had a full moon and lots of cold days (inside recess)!  Wow!  They loved getting a present and goodie bag at the Christmas Party!  I loved how happy they were to get a book!  Some of my kiddos wanted to wait and open it for Christmas.  So sweet!  One of my kiddos gave me a Smencil (smelly pencil)  and another one gave me orchids and chocolates!  So incredibly nice!  I LOVE my orchids, since I have never had orchids before!  Scott's taking good care of them for me too!  We had a work day on Friday and now I'm free for two weeks (except for finishing entering in report card grades, but my hands were hurting so bad I decided to wait)!
My kiddos loved their parties, and my older kiddos loved getting to go see Frozen, I think it's almost everyone's favorite movie!  All I have to do is pull up one of the songs on youtube and they'll come running!  They also loved seeing the Live Nativity at church!  They even had apple cider for us!  Hurray!
Today we cleaned some.  The boys' room looks pretty good now, and the girls' room is pretty clean too (although they did theirs on their own)!  We made pizza for dinner, with breadsticks!  They were all gone in no time!  Then we had snow ice cream for dessert.  We ended up with five different kinds (obviously, the kids really liked it)!  We had grape (koolaid), peach mango (koolaid), creme de menthe, peppermint stick (frosting creation), and cherry (pie filling) with white chocolate flakes.  YUM!!!  We have plenty still in the freezer for later too!  My kiddos had a blast clearing off the car for us!  Then Scott went out and cleared the driveway too, so we're ready in case we get to go to church tomorrow!
Our plans for next week are to keep our house clean, and even cleaner (if possible)!  I'm going to make our matching Christmas PJs (hopefully that turns out okay)!  And if that goes well, I'm going to work on the girls' matching skirts that are already cut out, they just need to be sewn and put the elastic in!  Then if I still have time (or just don't want to sleep), I'll make my girls some new bows too!  We'll see how it goes!  My family is coming on Wednesday and leaving on Thursday!  I'm thrilled they are coming!  Even if it's only a day (if that).  We will see what else we do this week, but we'll probably be making yummy treats and going caroling!
I LOVE Christmas!

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