Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Day After Christmas

Now that the flurry of Christmas is over, I can finally write what happened! The day before Christmas Eve, Scott and I got to go out for our "Sunday is our Anniversary, so we get to go out the next day" date! We went to Applebee's, which sadly isn't a great place here. It takes forever to have someone help you! We knew what we wanted to eat before she came to get our drink order. The good news is that we were able to order everything all at once! The drinks were yummy too! So yummy that I drank it quickly while eating our very crunchy onion rings. Our food came and Scott's was alright (his words) and mine was really skimpy on the sauce. Like barely any sauce. The breadstick was hard and tasteless. It was just sad. I was pretty thirsty, and still no help, so I ate some ice while waiting. We were almost done eating when we finally got the check. We had plenty of time to clean off our table, stack our dishes and silverware, while we waited for her to ring us up. Scott gave up and asked another waitress, who found our waitress and she rang us up. It took forever! We're super unimpressed! But, we did some grocery shopping to get all we needed for my family that was coming on Christmas! Then we picked up the kids. It was still freezing cold, but we went and played in the snow at the playground. I got some awesome pictures of the kiddos, before they started crying. Poor kiddos forgot snow is cold!
To make up for it, I made gingerbread dough and the kids got to cut out what they wanted, or put in their orders to me.  No gingerbread men for us!  

 At Applebee's
 With their cookies
 Kira finished first!
 Then Ben (although he made more than one)
 Leah added to hers up until she ate
 Cecilia just really liked peach rings
 Emma got a good mix!

Christmas Eve was crazy busy getting ready. I finished off our matching pajamas (and learned a lot about making pants)! Then we cleaned like crazy, I love it when my room is the cleanest room in the house! The kitchen will always have dirty dishes, so it's easy to beat! Anyway, we worked hard to be ready for Christmas! The kids all made snow "globe" ornaments!  It took a while for the kids to fall asleep, so I got to watch a whole movie while waiting!  Then I got the presents out and made it beautiful!  I cleaned up some more and got to bed at about 3ish.

After all the hard work!

Then at 7:30 the kids woke up, so we made them put on their matching jammies!  Which was very interesting considering most of the pants didn't quite cover their rear as well as I would have liked.  Oh well!  Then most of them split their crotch inseams, so I spent the first half of the day cooking Christmas lunch and reinforcing inseams.  I was the only one that didn't need it, because I made mine maternity size!  My family came and we opened presents before the turkey finally finished!  It turned out fantastic and was super juicy, so HURRAY!!!  I was pretty excited that things turned out so well, late, but well!  Everyone liked their presents!  Josh was so excited about his bed!  My Dad and Scott put it together, with Josh watching!  He even helped put the sheet on the bed he was so excited!  We went to the hotel my family was staying at and got to go swimming!  Cecilia dove right in, and Sam had to save her.  I wasn't there yet, so I just heard about it!  Poor baby!  I held Josh most of the time!  When his lips turned blue, I decided to get him out to hang out with the warm and dry grandparents.  Lots of fun!  Then we had the opportunity to find a place that was open for fast food on Christmas.  Kim and I found that our family's favorite Taco place was open!  Woohoo!  So, we got a ton of food from there and made the poor guy working the hotel front desk jealous as we ate in the lobby (he said we could)!  We really should have ordered extra for him!  We even cleaned up behind ourselves before we headed out!  

 Wearing Cecilia's Princess Sophia shoes

 Helping with the sheet!
 And ready to take a nap, although he didn't.  And he didn't want to sleep in it last night, he wanted his crib back.
 Leah getting her hair cut, so now she's not a 80s Rocker chick.
 At the pool
 My poor little partially drowned Cecilia and scared Leah.  
 Playing peek-a-boo in the hotel room curtains.
Eating El Pastorcito yumminess

We went home and the kids still didn't go to bed for awhile!  Josh just cried and cried until we put his mattress back in the crib and let him sleep in there.  Poor baby, it was a hard day!  Lots of new things!  I crashed by ten thirty (After I got the pictures on the computer)!  
Today we slept in, which was oh-so-happy!  My family came by for a little while.  My Mom and Dad posed for some pictures, got all they needed to bring down south and headed out to Louisiana!

 My kiddos with their Mamaw and Papaw
My beautiful sisters and me!

My sisters stayed a little longer and played my new game Scrabble Scattergories with me!  It was super fun!  Scott and I tied for the win!  Always nice!  Then they headed out to have lunch and head home.  It was a whirlwind trip, but I'm so glad they came!  It will probably take us a couple of days to recover and get the house clean again!

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