Monday, December 30, 2013

European Collection Anthology Review

I was provided this anthology for my honest review, I was not paid and these are my own opinions!

War of Hearts by Annette Lyon

Great story based in Poland during World War II!  Anna is a reporter who is desperate to get away from home and forget her ex-boyfriend who dropped her without telling her why, right when she thought he was going to propose!  Of course, Peter (her ex) shows up as her photographer in camp.  This story is all about how they talk and realize what happened and why, as the war rages on around them.  I loved the characters and how things happened!  It reminds you how nowhere is really safe in war.

The Earl of Oaksey Takes a Wife by G.G. Vandagriff

This novella starts off right after Melissa and Thomas are coming back from Gretna Green, having just eloped.  If you have read about Lord Trowbridge's Angel, then you will get the background before this story starts.  They are happily in love when she realizes that he's poor and married her for her money, which doesn't make her very happy.  She gets even madder when he leaves her at her family home and doesn't come back for awhile.  She goes to his house and gets it all cleaned up and liveable and decides to live there while he lives elsewhere.  She, of course feels bad after awhile and sends him a letter, which he doesn't receive.  Then she gets sick so, her dad goes out to see him.  They talk and you can tell things are about to get better.  He's worried about her and still loves her, so he goes to take her home.  So sweet.  It's a great story about calming tempers and making good choices!

Gift of Love by Michele Paige Holmes

This story starts off as Ethan is hoping that his wife Mary will live through childbirth along with their baby.  Sadly Mary dies, but the baby lives.  Amelia is in a convent about to take her vows when her half-brother shows up and takes her away to get her to marry Ethan, since he needs someone to bring him happiness and take care of his little girl.  The one thing Amelia was going to miss as a nun was having children, so she goes with him and marries a stranger.  This is all about how they get to know each other and she learns why he is so paranoid aabout horses and the beach.  There's some suspense as well, but I'm not going to give it away!  It's better to be surprised!

A Lesson in Love by Sarah M. Eden

This one cracked me up!  Lucy and Reed are newlyweds heading to London for their first married season.  Lucy is thrilled to finally get to go to parties with her husband, instead of having to worry about finding a partner.  Reed, on the other hand, is looking forward to quiet nights at home, since he's already attended all the balls and crushes he should have to now that he's a married man.  Needless to say, they aren't happy with the other's opinion of how things should go.  So, Lucy goes home to her family to make Reed court her again, because he doesn't think it's important to go with her to the season.  Her father and brothers (in-laws) convince Reed to fight against it and not give in to her demands.  This story is all about how things eventually get worked out.  Boys vs. Girls, who do you think wins?

An Ocean Away by Heather B. Moore

In this story Gina has given up hope of finding a suitor in New York , because her dad has scared everyone off.  They choose to vacation and are in France, when her love for reading Gothic novels in the garden gets discovered by Edmund, who happens to be from New York and is being sued by her father for shipping in his area.   They have to see past their situations in order to find what can happen next!  A super fun story!  I loved the banter, and the end!  So very romantic!

What Happens in Venice by Nancy Campbell Allen

Evangeline is living Cinderella's life with a terrible stepdad and two spoiled sisters.  She is an amazing artist, but her stepdad is being known for his art and they are in Venice to show off his work in a large art display.  She meets a mystery man at a party and he woos her.  It works, of course.  She finds out something and it puts her in desperate danger, but her mystery man can save her.  Can't he?

All-in-all a great anthology!  I loved the different time periods and the very different writing styles!  Some mystery, some romance, all good!

Buy it!

It's only $4.99!

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