Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sickness and Health

Our poor kids were worn out from our trip, so their sickness took hold!  Scott had to miss work on Monday and Tuesday to be with sick kiddos.  They made it to the Doctor on Tuesday and Josh had a terrible cough, an ear infection and pink eye.  Cecilia just had the cough and the pink eye.  It was gross, so I won't upload a picture.  Either way, they're doing much better now!  Josh doesn't like the pink medicine, which boggles my mind!  Of course, he doesn't like ice cream either!  Silly boy!  He LOVES his new soft Cars pajamas!  He kept touching the cars on his legs.  We chopped his bangs, so the pink eye wouldn't spread.  So, now I have to be brave enough to cut the back.  GULP!!!
Cecilia has decided that our bed is better than hers, so she keeps sleeping with us.  Apparently she noticed that I put her back in bed, because she came back early in the morning.  Oh well, she's still cute, even if she's a "bed frog" (not a bed hog).  She wants her snuggles and books read every night.
Leah has been sleeping a ton!  I'm a little worried about her!  She sleeps in late every morning (and is beyond hard to wake up).  Then she doesn't want to get dressed by herself.  She takes a long nap too!  I'm worried about her no longer doing the things she could do before.  She can still do them, but it's ridiculously hard.  I already had her on watch for bipolar disorder.  Now, I want her seen ASAP!  Poor kiddo needs all the help she can get!
Emma is doing awesome at school.  She always tells me that she hasn't clipped down once!  Since I talk to her teacher regularly (of course, since we're next door to each other), I already know how she's doing.  She's getting enrichment on a SIT Plan, because she's doing so well.  I've had an extra year to help her at home, and Kira loves teaching her things too.  So, Emma knows random facts like 6x2=12, and 100+100=200.  Funny kiddo!  She loves drawing pictures and writing them to people.
Kira is doing fantastic!  She is really understanding more, so she is growing by leaps and bounds.  She moved up two groups in spelling, so she's going to actually study again!  She was getting 101 on every spelling test for two months.  They have a Christmas Shop at school and she's already budgeted out how much she needs and how she can get something for her loved ones.  It cracks me up though, because I'm getting a mom pencil, and the kids all have to share a lava light thing, I can't remember who's getting the big ticket items.  Either way, it'll be interesting to see what she comes up with with the budget I actually give her. She has quite the mouth on her and is quite a smart aleck.  We're working on it.
 Ben has been sleeping a lot too!  But, he's doing well in school.  His IRC teacher gives him a book when he does well, and he's almost earned one!

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